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Container Gardening For Food - "Food Garden" Popularity Rising Ahead of Economic Crisis
June 09, 2010

Welcome to:
"Container Gardening For Food"
the Free Bi-monthly E-magazine containing news, tips and ideas dedicated to the pursuit of growing your own food.

The growing season in the northern hemisphere is now well underway. With the last frosts over, and the weather getting warmer, gardeners everywhere are eagerly planting, tending and even starting to see the initial fruits of their labour.

In the news...

More people growing their own food
in anticipation of a potential economic crisis.

I expect most of us would have figured out by now that our global economic future isn't looking too rosy. Food, fuel, and the general cost of living is rising faster than it has done for years. More and more of us are having to gird up our loins in order to stay on top of things, and now it seems there is talk in the media of hyperinflation becoming a possible reality in the very near future.

Clearly, there has never been a more sensible time to start growing our own food, and from what I have read, seen and through people I have spoken to (including some garden center managers), it would seem that this year, more forward-thinking people than ever before are turning to their gardens to grow their own.

Organic & Backyard Farming to be Outlawed in the US?
HR875 bill has now passed the house.

If you don't already know about congress bill HR875 I strongly urge you to look it up right away (just type HR875 into Google) and find out from the hundreds of videos and blog entries what it means. It seems to me that the thinking behind it is about as evil as it gets folks!

It talks about the criminalization of backyard food gardens and the elimination of farmers markets as well as outlawing organic growing methods and a whole lot more.

A viral email has recently been circulating the internet outlining the potential horrors of this bill, and despite the "damage control" statements passed out by members of congress to try to alleviate public fears by explaining the bill is just there to "make our food safer", the devil is in the detail of the 250 page bill which is so broad reaching, and seeded with so much red tape and regulation, that small farmers fear it could be the end for them.
It's my understanding that the bill has been designed with fines so massive, it would likely mean instant bankrupcy for anyone charged with just a single infraction of the rules.

It seems the popular conclusion being drawn by those who have studied the bill, is that HR875 is a move by a few big, politically powerful corporations to force smaller competitors out of business under the highly dubious guise of "food safety".

Right now it appears that the only saving grace is proposed bill HB510, soon up for debate, which may propose an amendment to the bill excluding farmers and growers from the new regulations if they earn less than $500k per year.

This is one to keep a very close eye on folks!

Global Gardening Blog

Share your ongoing gardening story and garden pictures!

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has made blog entries on the global gardening Blog so far. It has been fascinating reading all about your own food-growing efforts. Many of you have also passed-on lots of helpful tips and advice which has been invaluable to myself and others!

If you do your own food gardening, the "Global Gardening Blog" is for you! It's a place where You can share with the rest of the world your gardening endeavours, advice, tips, hints, successes or failures. You can also receive comments from fellow gardeners, and make comments on their entries.
There is no registration required! just visit the page and start typing! You can find the blog page here.

Video Diaries

As you may know, my tiny suburban patio garden is the focal point for the website. It is a living, breathing experiment to see just how much food I can produce in one growing season.

As the summer progresses, I am now producing a bi-weekly video diary which will be featured on the home page of the website.

The videos show the ongoing progress of the food growing, and I usually pass on my thoughts about how it's all going.

To see the latest video diary you can go here:

Fabulous Book All About Growing Tomatoes

I've recently discivered a great book called "How to Grow the Best Juicy Tasty Tomatoes". It is written by a world renowned horticulturist who advises professional growers.

It covers everything from disease, pests or soil problems to using the wrong fertilizers at the wrong growth stages, right and wrong pruning, correct watering, and preventing deformities as well as a myriad or other priceless, and less-known tips used only by the big professional growers.

The book comes highly recommended and is well worth a peek.
Click here to view it.
It is also available in downloadable format for instant access.

Recent articles added to the website:

Growing Green Beans
No vegetable garden could be complete without climbing beans!
Click here to view.

Garden slugs (with Video)
I've produced a video and article explaining how I am trying to deal with slugs this year using only what nature has provided for me (no chemicals). The article also includes other practical ways to deal with slugs.
Click here to view.

Water Filter Review Video Coming Soon.

This is one for preparedness fans...

If you haven't already heard of the Berkey water filter range yet, then these are a must-have for anyone who wants to drink clean, safe water. They require no power, and a set of filters can last up to 10 years!

I personally own one and use it every day, and I swear by it! Every drop of water I consume has been through the Berkey especially our tap water.

I will be making a review video on my own Berkey water purifier later in the month. In the meanwhile you can take a peek at their range by clicking here.

My new video on pollinating tomatoes

It’s the right time of year, so I have produced a quick video on helping to increase your tomato yields by hand-pollinating them.
The Video can be found about 3/4 down the following page: Click here.

Send Me Your Ideas!

Well, that's about it for this month's newsletter. I want to make my website and this newsletter as useful and as entertaining as I can, so if you do have any ideas about what I could do to improve it, I would love to hear from you!
You can contact me by clicking here.

Thanks for reading, See you in two months


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