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Container Gardening For Food - Issue 2
October 01, 2011

Welcome to:
"Container Gardening For Food"
The Free Gardening newsletter dedicated to the pursuit of growing your own food in small spaces.

Well its that time of year again when our pantries and fridges are bursting at the seams with produce from our gardens, whether its beans, potatoes, onions, tomatoes or a myriad of other fresh vegetables and fruits that we've grown.

Right now my fridge is loaded with red tomatoes (I grew the moneymaker variety this year) which reminds me, I really must write a recipe article for the home made tomato soup my sister taught me to make last year. If I get a spare moment, I'll try to get that done this week.

In the news...

More Economic Trouble Looming?

You don't have to be a statistics genius to know that the global economy is not in good shape right now. If things were to kick off in a big way tomorrow, and if I've done my homework correctly, I believe that one of the things to quickly be affected would be the cost of oil. As you may or may not know, if the cost of oil rises, then the cost of EVERYTHING rises including food.

There has never been a more apt time to learn to grow your own food. If you're not already doing it, then I urge you to start as soon as possible.

It's a bit too late to start planting things right now if you live in the northern hemisphere, but now is a fantastic time to make plans for the next growing season (which can start as early as February).

Take a look at the food-growing areas you have available to you right now, and plan ahead. This is a perfect time to re-arrange your garden/living space and get it ready to accommodate pots and containers for next year. Now is also a great time to do any building work you need to in order to create a vegetable plot for next year, or you could wait to do it in January in the freezing cold? :)

There are lots of great tips and articles on my website which I purposely created to show people how to grow their own food in small areas. Over the coming weeks and months I will be adding considerably more articles to the website so there will be plenty of additional information to help you get the most out of your food growing.

If there are any particular subjects you want me to cover then do feel free to get in touch.

Survival & Preparedness

I'm also hoping to be expanding on the Survival & Preparedness section of the website. Again, looking at the global economy and the way everything seems to be headding, I think it's a very relevant subject to be discussing right now.

I consider myself a "moderate" prepper, I'm not into guns, bunkers and Gold, but I am into taking sensible, measured steps to safeguard me and my family's welfare in the event of such things that may otherwise cause us harm, like an economic crash or a Fukushima-type event etc.

Any articles that I write will be in the Gardening blog and linked from the main Survival Gardening page which I'll start to use as the hub page for this kind of information - again if there are specific articles you'd like to see on this subject matter do feel free to drop me a line.

Global Gardening Blog

Share your ongoing gardening story and garden pictures!

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has made blog entries on the global gardening Blog so far. It has been fascinating reading all about your own food-growing efforts. Many of you have also passed-on lots of helpful tips and advice which has been invaluable to myself and others!

If you grow your own food, the "Global Gardening Blog" is for you! It's a place where You can share with the rest of the world your gardening endeavours, advice, tips, hints, successes or failures. You can also receive comments from fellow gardeners, and make comments on their entries.
There is no registration required! just visit the page and start typing!
You can find the blog page here.

Some Recent articles added to the website:

Growing Beans in Your Home Garden
Growing beans is one of the more fun and enjoyable things you can do in your garden. It will also provide you and your family with highly nutritious food throughout the growing season. Click here to view.

Organic Pest Control: The Safe Alternative to Harmful Chemicals
Ever wondered how to get rid of pests without having to use dangerous and harmful pesticides? Organic pest control is the answer. Click here to view.

Spider Pest Control in the Garden
Spider Pest Control in the Garden Most home gardeners will not consider spiders as a common threat, however, spiders 'mites' can be fatally damaging. Click here to view.

Water Filter Review Video

If you haven't already heard of the Berkey water filter range, then these are a must-have for anyone who wants to drink clean, safe water. They require no power, and a set of filters can last up to 10 years!

I personally own one and have used it every day for the past year. I now swear by it! Every drop of water I consume has been put through the Berkey, especially our dreadful, chlorinated and fluoridated tap water.

I've made a quick review video on my own Berkey water purifier and have now embedded it on the website.

You may have already seen an advert or two on my website for these water filters. I think I should point out that I'm very fussy about the products I allow to be advertised on the website, but this is one of the ones I wholeheartedly endorse.

You can see the web page here, or you can take a peek at their complete range by .

Send Me Your Ideas!

Well, that's about it for this month's newsletter. I want to make my website and this newsletter as useful and as entertaining as I can, so if you do have any ideas about what I could do to improve it, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, See you on the website, or in the next newsletter :o)


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