Agenda 21

This is Agenda 21 if people are not aware of this Agenda also known as Codex Alementerous ( spelling )

This situation happened here in the UK recently with the so called Salmonella outbreak in Cucumbers.

Be very skeptical with any of these stories and look into the grey areas you can guarantee there will be an agenda linked to it think AGENDA 21.

These are NOT Conspiracy Theories these are Conspiracy FACTS!!!


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Sep 01, 2012
Hi Lyle NEW
by: Bill

Thanks for the reply I'm not to certain what you where saying can you expand? Are you saying that the depression was a natural occurrence? When depressions hit there are always people who make money out of it, usually people who have the buying power and the foresight to buy into other commodities. Then we have to look at the real causes behind the depression if certain groups of people always profit. As one major problem is that we are using a fiat currency a currency backed by nothing it will always be the people who already have no disposable income that will always loose everything. The best quote I saw to show what is happening was from the governor of the Bank Of England who said in 1928 I think that the bankers had to foreclose on mortgages reduce peoples spending power as this was the easiest way to keep the masses in servitude. So you have a guy openly telling others how to enslave the people is it then such a coincidence that it has been the corrupt banks and politicians who have always caused these problems? The Iceland government had the right idea they have jailed so many bankers and passed laws to stop the bankers destroying their economy again.

Cheers Bill

Aug 31, 2012
Look this up on youtube this guy is an amazing source of knowledge NEW
by: Bill

Ian R Crane - The Nephilim, Disclosure and Trans-Humanism

Aug 31, 2012
Depressions NEW
by: Lyle

"If" the base premise is flawed.
There are cyclic factors involved.
Some slightly better time periods happen but the world was in a depression when the " Dust Bowl " hit. Crops started growing again, ... more land used for agriculture, ...
Some claimed the depression was over, ... " coming " ot of a depression into a " recession ".
A few had better profits, ... overall it was still a depression.
They can write up all the Agenda's they want to, ... it was, ... still is a world-wide depression.

Aug 31, 2012
See how Agenda 21 is being implimented NEW
by: Bill

Ever wondered why things are going to hell why your buying power is dropping why you work like a dog but find your standards of living are going down?
Go look at this link and see if anything that is happening in your local community starts ringing alarm bells.

Cheers Bill

Aug 31, 2012
Comment to raise awareness NEW
by: Bill

Thanks Rick for giving this post space on your website. Agenda 21 is an extremely pernicious Agenda wrapped up like most things in the it's all good for you clothing. The goals of agenda 21 are simple

stop people being self sufficient with rules to limit their ability to grow their own food organically.

Make supplements illegal or have them at such a low strength that they are useless

Destroy Organic farming ( with the removal of labeling so you don't know that you are eating GMO's

Pasture and eradiate any nutritional value out of foods.

Destruction of alternative Medicines and remedies by making the testing of these herbs etc so outlandishly complicated and expensive that only big pharmaceutical companies can afford to sell them

If you have never read The Shamans Apprentice or Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Kori

( ) I'd highly recommend you do you will be gobsmacked.

Since the 50's early 60's all usable growing land as been eaten up by developers where massive flats where built the concrete jungles of the 1980's at the same time supper Markets sprung up selling cheep love nutritional high sugar/fat foods. all new builds only allow you to use gas or electricity to cook meals heat your homes. Microwaves and ready meals with NO Nutritional value.

As I said, this is a very pernicious Agenda, and unless people start to wake up to what is happening every inch of our humanity will be destroyed for the perverse benefit of the minority supper mega rich who think they are god.

Cheers Bill

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