Calendula Ointment
& Other Marigold Remedies

If you don't already know about Calendula Ointment and its amazing healing properties, then you're missing out on something very special.

Let me introduce you to Calendula (better known as the Marigold). It's a fantastic little plant, one of natures best healers, and it can be used for healing both inside and outside the body.

The best species for use in herbal remedies is either calendula officinalis or composiate. The bright orange petals of the flower are an indication that that this flower has a high number of active ingredients.

And active they are! This plant is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, its also antimicrobial, antiseptic, and it's a detoxifying blood cleanser. It's also anti-fungal and has an astringent action on capillaries making it fantastic for cuts and wounds.

You can use it to accelerate the healing of cuts whilst it helps to keep out infection. Its also great on sunburn or inflamed skin and most skin problems as well as minor burns, acne, and rashes, including nappy rash.

Make your own Calendula based preparations
The best way to apply it to the skin is in the form of an ointment, a cream or an infused oil, all of which I have written articles on exactly how to make them. Those articles can be found listed on this page.

A small jar of calendula based ointment is an ideal addition to any home first aid kit and can be used as a gentle but effective antiseptic on cuts and grazes as well as a healing accelerator.

Calendula for internal use
Calendula is also good for using internally to treat any digestive disorders. It will help to heal any kind inflammatory issues through the entire digestive tract, this includes things like peptic ulcers and gastritis among many others.

It can be taken internally as a herbal Infusion.
The recommended dosage is around 3 cups of infusion a day.

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