compost bins

by Taira

Hi Rick! You probably already know by now but I found out some stuff you can put in your compost bin that will save throwing out a lot of rubbish, and help recycling!!

pulp from juicing
the cardboard from toilet rolls and kitchen rolls
egg boxes
egg shells
older plants and roots
some older soil as it can mix in with the rest
fruit peels
coffee grounds and tea bags
some sawdust
some scrunched up paper (but not too much!)

Hope it helps anyone else out there who wants to keep a compost bin in their yard!!!

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Feb 23, 2012
by: Andrew Pullen

I watched a video from GreenPowerScience(on youtube) where they extracted heat from a very large compost heap. They pumped water through coils of hose which was buried in the compost. The water came out nice and warm which could be used to do useful work if combined with a thermal store - maybe to gently warm a greenhouse just enough to keep seedlings at an optimum temperature. Not too far from where I live there is a large recycling centre which processes organic waste into compost and high quality topsoil. The heat generated by the composting process could heat an entire commercial building. In fact it's not unknown for big compost heaps to self ignite.

Feb 22, 2012
kitchen waste
by: zuilfqar shah

you can extract bio-gas [methane gas] from the kitchen waste and residue can be used as plant fertilizer.

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