compost making in an apartment

Hi Rick,
I haven't tried to make compost,(though I would love to) - being on the top floor of an apartment block we have no soil, so no earthworms to do their bit! What are your suggestions? .. do you think it is possible? or do you think I should try worm farming? The problem with worms is that, living in Portugal, my terrace is rather hot and I don't fancy having them inside!!
This year I have successfully harvested artichokes after sowing seeds two years ago. My rhubarb, grown from seed, is also doing well. I am not successful growing zucchini though.
Having relocated from a home with 1/2 acre, and growing
all my own veggies, I am finding it satisfying and challenging growing in containers! but somehow all the bugs seems to find me!
What are your comments on irrigation systems? mine just seems to flood the container without a proper soak.
Thanks for all the advice and tips - most helpful.

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