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Elevated Garden from Recycled Materials

Eliminating the back breaking bending required by traditional gardens is always a good thing, especially if it can be done with recycled materials...

Article by Dennis “Bones” Evers...

There isn’t a thing I can think of that I don’t like about raised bed gardening. The top of the list is eliminating the back breaking bending required by traditional gardens. Some other advantages include the ability to comfortably water and fertilize each plant as opposed to the whole garden, easy pruning and weeding plus the ability to move crops as they need it. What’s not to like.

There is still a small problem with raised bed gardening and that is trying to find suitable (affordable) planters, and someway to elevate them.

Enter the dirt cheap elevated garden....

elevated garden planter

After years of fighting weeds and everything associated with ground gardens, I decided raised bed was the way to go. I have a large fenced area, so I’m always looking for easy and affordable ways to add elevated “farmland”. There were some old 5 gallon plastic buckets lying around the Recycle Ranch and my neighbor gave me a dozen plastic cans that kitty litter comes in.

I decided to design and build some very simple planters to house my garden. They needed to be easy and quick to build, use scrap or cheap lumber, and be very effective.

The containers are readily available for FREE from stores with bakeries, pet stores and restaurants. The plastic will last for years and is a great alternative to sending them to the landfill.

I came up with two designs that turned out very well, and were a snap to build, so easy, anyone could do it. The lumber was mostly scrap and even if you purchased full size and cut it down it would still be cheap.

I've also managed to make this potting bench from recycled materials.

There are two planters, a 4 bucket and an 8 bucket design and both could be built in an afternoon.

The plans are available for free at my blog and include dimensions and step by step photos on how to assemble and build them. click here to visit

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