First Time with raised beds

Beds prepared ( made from floor boarding planks )

Beds prepared ( made from floor boarding planks )

I have constructed 2, 10' by 3' x 8* high raised beds for my first trials this year ( 2013 ) they have been placed on a lawned area so have sliced the turf off dug the soil over and added some basic multi purpose compost from Wilkinsons on offer at 3 x 50ltr bags for £10 so far I have only added 2 bags per raised bed after adding the compost I sprinkled liberally with blood fish and bone meal and watered generously..

with 2 raised beds I intend using 1 to grow from seed and one to grow plants started in the 6 x 4 plastic covered grow house

seeds planted in bed 1 are several varieties of beetroot, carrots,lettuce ( all year round )cabbage and cauliflower.

in bed 2 I intend growing cabbage , lettuce , cauli and possibly runner beans.

First bed has been planted with seeds today 8th may 2013 lets see what progress is made

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