Frugal Container Vegetable Gardening in the Desert

by Erwin
(Doha, Qatar)

This blog is all about my experience and current experiment in container gardening in the desert. To Start with, I've always known since a little boy that I can plant anything from cuttings and seeds and they will grow. I have experiences in random gardening here in Qatar and saw the fruits of my labor. But it's not exclusive or continuous effort on my part. Partly because of the weather. It can really get very hot! During summer temp here hovers around 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. Or partly because it was just a hobby and just like any other hobbies my interest diminished over time. Partly because I was young and a bachelor and lazy! Lol. Anyway about few months ago, me and my wife started buying this gallons of drinking water which we don't have to return to get another bottle. So obviously the bottles started accumulating and the idea of resurrecting my interest in gardening started. By that time summer was just starting and I couldn't really start knowing the weather will get worst so I had to wait. But this month of September I know the weather will get better so I started sowing some bell pepper seeds in the bottle that was cut lengthwise. The seeds were store bought so I knew it will sprout in no time. After a few days I saw the sprouts but still waiting for the real leaves to get bigger before transplanting. I have also squeezed out the seeds of a mature cherry tomato in a another container and there were few sprouts already. I was also able to transplant some beans from the seeds I bought. The real cost to me is the expensive potting mix I've bought and will eventually have to buy if I will continue with this renewed hobby. Luckily I've read on the net that one can add potting filler to save on the potting mix. I've decided to use cut up small pieces of newspapers as it's some sort of compost also, and my theory is that it will hold moisture in the pot. Unfortunately it's still very hot here so my transplants looks weak but looks like they'll recover. I also have a bunch of lemon grass stalks I have left in the big plastic cups that developed roots and are ready to be planted in their permanent container. I also have a mature yardlong beans I'm drying out before trying to germinate them. Hopefully I'll be able to sprout some. I'm also trying to sow some varieties of peppers two varieties are seeds from peppers we both in a grocery and the cayenne are real seeds from a supplier. I know in a few days I'll see sprouts at least from cayenne. I'LL keep updating this blog hopefully with pictures of my veggies as soon as they picked up.

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Feb 05, 2016
Seeds NEW
by: Sarah

Just wondering where did you buy the seeds?

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