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I Fixed My Blood Pressure By Growing Garlic? 
I grow garlic in 48 litre rectangle containers at home. I have many hints to make growing this medicinal plant easier and with little fuss. Firstly, obtain …

“The importance of growing your own” 
The importance of growing your own food is even more important today and beneficial for the coming years ahead. With economic challengers all over the …

Starting a Community Garden  
Have Planted the First seeds for our Community Garden. Lettuce Mix, Carrots, Tomatoes, Chives, Parsley & Mint. Geelong Museum Ass Inc Actively Supporting …

Why have I got spindly seedlings? Not rated yet
Winter is approaching and growing winter greens are my favourite time of the year. I have butter-crunch lettuce seeds, Tatsoi, Kale and baby spinach seeds …

Love your gardening but be aware of the hidden dangers! Not rated yet
I wanted to share a very important story with you all, and I hope it can shed some light on the hidden dangers of using soils, mainly bagged composted …

growing strawberries Not rated yet
I have a vegetable garden in my backyard 1 whole box is full of strawberries and this is how i grow them. You want to put them in well drained soil to …

New venture of growing vegies in containers. Not rated yet
Hi I am Rosa and this year I have decided to grow a vegetable garden using containers. I have been collecting all sorts of containers that will hold soil …

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