Geo Engineering

Please pay attention to our sky! The Geo Engineering is out of control. They are spraying us like bugs. The barium and aluminium will destroy the soil, the bees etc. God knows what it will do to our health.

Please watch "What In The World Are They Spraying" Link attached.

Considering the chemicals that are raining down on us, we no longer have organic food. But don't worry, Monsanto already has aluminium resistant seeds.

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Feb 06, 2015
by: Anonymous


Apr 07, 2014
Nice to know!
by: Anonymous

I just have to respond to the previous comment. Thank GOD that someone else is aware and has a brain! Protect your family and prepare to take care of your own! GOD BLESS

Mar 30, 2013
Chem trails are real in Alaska as well
by: Thinkpinck

When I was a whole lot younger (45 years ago) I saw jets in the sky high overhead and would note they left trails in the sky.those same trails would disappear after a mile or two. Condensation I was told by my parents. Okay... They would disappear and it was no biggee to me as a young child.
But today over the interior of Alaska near Delta Jct. I have seen multiple clear blue days start out with not a cloud in the sky and then several jet trails would be left from flyovers and the supposedly condensate would not disappear but get bigger until the entire sky turned to clouds. I looked at the jets with binoculars and could see 4 con trails of exhaust and two more white trails which did not go away. They just got bigger. When I tried to discuss them with others that I thought would be concerned; they scoffed at the idea of something being sprayed up there. This is happening all over the world. By the way, when I posted my chem trails alaska youTube video there were over 190,000 other postings from all around the world. Then less than a week later there were only 120,000... Censorship is definitely on the rise. there are so many things of vital importance to be aware of and take immediate action; it's hard to know where to start. But please be concerned enough to do something. Things are changing so fast that we may reach so-called tipping points before you and I are prepared. Look around at any subject you want... climate change, food security, economics, religions, politics and international energy polices and you will see that everything is coming to a head. I don't have all the answers; I don't think anyone does, but we all need to be aware and share; and please do something positive two help ourselves and those around us. You can't rely on our governments to take care of us or our problems. Start by trapping free resources such as rain and solar or wind energy and grow your own foods. I don't think we have a choice.
Good Luck, and good (food) growing. Pink

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