Gopher and mole problems

by Mary LaJoie

I had a small garden and flower bed planted last year but the gophers and moles got to them. If I do a raised bed and put down cardboard to keep out the weeds will it also keep out the moles and gophers?

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Feb 06, 2012
Gophers and moles
by: Andrew

Can't say we get too many gophers over here in the UK but moles can be a problem for lawns etc. Not sure if cardboard would keep them out since Gophers have a mean set of teeth that can gnaw through wood. Perhaps some wire mesh placed in the soil (but not so shallow to affect root veg i.e carrots etc)would prevent any critter digging down or digging up from below. Galvanised chicken wire might work. Say enough to extend down a foot from the sides of the raised bed and covering the base area of the bed. Then the soil is placed on top. Simple 'U'nails or heavy duty staples would keep the mesh attached to the wooden sides.

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