Growing Carrots - 18th Feb - My First Carrot Seeds Are Sown

by Rick



I decided to get started with the square foot garden this week by growing carrots, or at least starting them off. I know it's a bit early, but:
a) It said on the packet it was OK to plant them as soon as the ground could be worked.
b)I'm itching to get started on my garden!

I poked 16 half-inch deep holes and dropped in 2-3 seeds per hole.

The idea is to:
1) See how well these seeds germinate for future reference (if I end up with 3 seedlings per hole, then I know not to sow so many next time
2) add 16 more seeds to another square foot area in about a month this is to ensure I get a steady harvest and not a glut!

My raised beds are only about 8 inches deep, so I'll need to harvest early otherwise they'll end up "L" shaped if they hit the bottom!

You can start off the seedlings by sprinkling them into a seed tray full of compost, then thinning them out into singles and planting them that way. If I have any issues with the seeds direct into the ground, then I'll give that method a try.

Tomato seedlings are next (at the end of the month.) I've got a number of different tomato varieties this year including some high yielding cherry varieties, so should hopefully get a great harvest, and have plenty to dry for the winter months.

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