Growing icebergs with aid of half pop bottle??

by Sam
(Sunderland, UK)

Just found your site through Youtube as just decided to grow some veg in pots in back garden.
One of my old friend mentioned as I get really bad black/brown slugs in my garden to cut in half 2lt bottle top and use top part to put over lettuce to stop slugs getting at them. would this work like its own mini green house or just sweat it to death?

Thanks Sam (NE England)

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Jan 03, 2013
2litre Plastic Bottle to protect Veggies! NEW
by: Glenn Roberts

Hi Sam,
I have used 2 litre plastic bottles in the past to protect pawpaw {Papaya} seedlings. The bunnies where I live eat the tops of the seedlings right off and none of the seedlings survive.

I cut the plastic 2 litre drink bottle off at the bottom, leaving as much height as I could, that way when I lodged the bottle into the ground it was secure. Remove the bottle top before you locate your cut plastic bottle which is to stay in the ground as long as needed. I also add a generous layer of sugarcane mulch around the bottle. Once the seedling has passed the infancy stage, you can then remove the plastic bottle.

I also found it was better to water the seedling around the outside base of the plastic bottle, than direct watering into the top of the bottle. If there is too much moisture inside the bottle, the environment inside the bottle can turn slimy, growing a moss type culture which is also deadly for the young seedling.

Another little tip I can bring to mind is, if you are about to receive a big downfall of rain, I usually replaced the bottle cap until the down pour was over. This can prevent that extra moisture I mentioned earlier.

Important note also, if you are reusing this custom made 2litle drink bottles over and over, after and before use, sterilize them in a bleach type solution to irradiate the soil born diseases.

Happy growing! and congratulations for doing your bit to recycle, and using this wasted material to enhance your own health in the process.
Happy Gardening from Glenn of Brisbane Australia

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