growing potatoes

by shandana khalid

my unique potatoes

my unique potatoes

As a young girl of thirteen,I was quite interested in planting things. It made me happy when I was upset because it is great to see something grow with your help when everything collapses in life. So my first experiment was growing potatoes.
I planted my potatoes in October,in a container, because I don't have a big garden in my house in Pakistan, and I grew my potatoes on the rooftop. In Pakistan, summer's are intense and long but winter's are short and very cold, so in October,I didn't have to water them all the time.
I put my small and reliable potatoes to sprout in a dark ,damp cupboard that rarely opened for a month and a half. They did not sprout,so I ended up using big potatoes.
My first potatoes grew beautifully, and they were as unique as they were delicious.

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Nov 01, 2014
by: bangchik and kakdah

yeap, gardening does grow happiness. Vegetables, fruits are by-products of such adventure.

Oct 31, 2014
I have a daughter
by: Emma

Great story! I have a little daughter and she is very interesting in planting. I will tell her about the potatoes, I am sure that she will like the idea. Regards!


Oct 08, 2014
Not-so-small potatoes
by: Valda

Do you still grow potatoes?
Yes, it's important to have something creative and controllable in your life when everything else is going wrong. I'm glad you found a way to do it.

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