helpful insect tips

by Jo Cloud

For slugs it took a long while until I discovered an easy way to repel them. A older gentlemen that works with me at the same restaurant as,a dishwasher is also the restaurants gardener. Which looks fabulous year round! installing a copper rim around your plant beds as wide as an half inch stops snail, slugs and even caterpillars from crossing; tested, successful, so approved and still used by me every time I add a bed.
Secondly for small insects like spider mites and aphids I use soapy water not overly soapy but with good suds plus I add different things to it, if I steam veggies I use the water for my mixture the next day just to add some nutrients to my soil. I only apply this as needed if I notice a problem I remedy it immediately.
Also knowing your insects is just as important as knowing your plants.

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Mar 16, 2013
Good commentary in this article
by: Starblazer777

The copper strip can just as easily be made by stripping off some old copper wire, ... old frayed extension cords etc. and braided into a decorative rope or just wrapped around to make an effective border. Just a comment, ... but it works well in full sized gardens too, ... in particular for slug control.

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