My Hydroponic Updates

This hydroponic updates page is dedicated to my hydroponics setup and is a kind-of ongoing progress blog. Any developments I make to the system will be recorded here.

Video 1: How to make a vertical Hydroponic setup

This is the first video I made and shows me creating the basic hydroponic system from scratch. At the time I didn't know what I was doing and just kind-of figured it out as I went along. I have since altered some aspects of the setup which I show in the videos further down the page.

Video 2: Rock wool

Experimenting with seedlings and rockwool blocks...

Video 3: Hydroponic Update - 20 days later

Here are the seedlings after 20 days...

Video 4: Hydroponic Update - 2 months later

Bearing in mind I created and planted the system in September at the end of the growing season, plus I hadn't installed any grow lights, so things were progressing very slowly.

Video 5: Hydroponic Update - Day 100

Another update filmed in January week 3

Video 6: Brief Hydroponic Update - February

My first harvest from the hydroponic system. This video is mostly about the rest of the garden, but I show my first harvest right at the beginning...

Video 7: Changing to an Ebb & Flow System

In this video, I am Changing the hydroponic setup over to an Ebb & Flow System. This was quite a significant change to the whole system that involved scrapping the rock wool setup. I decided to do this when I felt the roots of the plants were too wet as the rock wool was permanently saturated and prevented the roots from expanding and growing. Filmed in February.

Video 8: Update - Lights installed

Another general garden update vlog - the hydroponic section begins at time index 04:44. The CFL lights were purchased from an online hydroponic specialist. It was over a year ago and I'm afraid I'm a bit hazy about the specific details, but I do recall they were in the bandwidth that gave the most benefit to seedlings. However, from what I understand, any general CFL strip lights will offer good growing opportunity.

Video 9: Update - May

A general update on the garden - the Hydroponic section begins at time index 04:30...

Video 10: Pollinating the Hydroponic Tomatoes

A quick tip video on pollinating your tomatoes and increasing your yields. Here I use a cocktail stick, but you can also use a soft small paintbrush

Video 11: Update - July

This is a general gardening update filmed in July. The hydroponic section starts at time index: 05:07...

Video 12: Update - August

Another general gardening update filmed in August. The hydroponic section starts at time index: 02:40...

More to come...

2011 was a quieter year for the hydroponic growing project and I didn't engage with it as much as the previous growing season. I did grow some lettuce by dropping seeds directly into the hydroleca aggregate. This setup worked reasonably well, although the lettuce were a bit spindly, I think that was down to the roots not being very well supported as the hydroleca always remained loose. I also didn't cover the hydroleca and by the end of August it was all bound together in one solid mass of dark green algae and root-balls. Also every time I tried pulling a plant out, it became a messy and dangerous job and the hydroleca balls would fall out all over the floor. Imagine throwing marbles all over the floor - how dangerous is that? Well that's just what it was like! except the hydroleca was the same colour as the flooring so even more difficult to spot them to pick them up.

I'll have to have a re-think for 2012 and see what I can come up with.

Hopefully more updates will follow so it'll be worth bookmarking this page...

Please also feel free to "have your say" below.

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