i also have a plan

by aw

Planning for the collapse of society and law is a very extensive topic. protecting one's loved ones from the zombies to feeding the ones that make the decision to leave in time for the defensible spot picked out ( with a gathering place as an intermediate place to avoid getting trapped by the crazies and traffic ) , enough food to last for a couple of growing seasons ( thinking social areas should develop in that time ) , then the garden with beans and such to come as close as reasonable ( considering how unacceptable this topic is to begin with ) to a complete vegan type diet. whew

I haven't found anyone else with a pragmatic viewpoint as you seem to have and I am glad I found you half way around the northern hemisphere.
I had gardens back in the 70's and just this year added bucket gardening to my 'plan'. I jumped in with both hands and feet and am enjoying myself much more than figuring out how much chlorine powder I need to sanitize a couple hundred thousand gallons of water to use a bartering tool ( kind of like the fellows in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina used vodka and such ). As you know its easy to just go on and on and I hope you luck and that we never need any of our plans and they turned out to be a hobby ( I think it's better than car racing at the very least )

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Mar 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

It seems as though there will be or have to be some sort of collapse in government at least which might be helpful since we wont have all these regulations to live by. I would love to learn to be more self sustaining, any random tips might help and love the info posted here! Very helpful and relevant. Thank you.

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