I Fixed My Blood Pressure By Growing Garlic?

by Glenn Roberts
(Brisbane Australia)

I grow garlic in 48 litre rectangle containers at home. I have many hints to make growing this medicinal plant easier and with little fuss. Firstly, obtain your container. I like to grow garlic in containers I can easily manage. The containers must have very good drainage, so making plenty of drainage holes are very important so water can drain easily.

Garlic is a plant that does not like heaps of water, so watering once or twice a week is plenty. If the conditions are very hot and dry, you will need to vary their water intake.

Growing garlic is very satisfying and beneficial for one’s health. You can use just about every part of the plant at any stage of the garlic growing cycle. You can select a leaf here and there to add into your cooking and still maintain that fantastic garlic flavor.
Preparing the soil for your garlic plants is easy and painless. You will need to ready your soil preferably a few months ahead of planting out your cloves.
The soil should comprise of a good quantity of chook manure and mushroom compost. The chook manure needs to be aged and completely broken down. Mix three to four handfuls of organic slow release fertiliser into the soil, along with two handfuls of dolomite into the soil and mix through well before planting cloves. Your garlic plants are growing in those containers for around seven months. This is why the soil needs to be very rich in organic composted materials.
You are ready to select your garlic for planting. I personally seek out ORGANIC varieties of garlic to grow. The reasons are also important as you don't want to grow garlic that has been "IRRADIATED" This process is performed by some growers and most imported garlic are irradiated before its shipped to your green grocery store. It’s a known fact that almost 90% of garlic sold in Australia is imported into the country from China. If our garlic is irradiated, this process might lengthen the shelf life, but in the process it kills the health benefits.
You can buy your garlic bulb at your local fruit barn or store if you are purchasing "ORGANIC" garlic. You will often pay around $2 to $3 for a complete bulb. If you buy local, you chance of buying some “ORGANIC GARLIC” without chemicals applied after harvest, or the irradiated produce coming out of China.
Next step once you have selected your garlic, be careful in breaking apart the separate cloves you are planting out. If you break open a clove that is not completely covered in its husk, then use that clove in your cooking. Cloves must be completely covered as this is the cloves only protection in the ground before it sprouts.
Planting your garlic clove the correct side up is imperative. Make sure you plant your garlic clove the pointy side up. Take a close look at your garlic clove and you will see where the roots were growing when it was a complete garlic bulb. Make sure you double check this upon planting every clove.
I plant the clove no more than 30 mm below the surface of your soil in the container. If you plant the cloves too deep, the energy of the cloves growth when it germinates will go into breaking through the soil, and you will end up with smaller plants.
Because your growing area is condensed in size you can plant your cloves closer. I plant as close as 75mm apart in any direction of the container.
After your cloves have been adequately spaced and planted, cover the surface with no more than 40 mm of sugarcane mulch or similar. If you are in freezing cold climates, the mulch will blanket the ground and when spring arrives. Do not water the ground if snow is apparent. Your cloves will quickly sprout through the mulch when spring arrives. Water the ground when all traces of snow and the cold are gone.
You use the same process if you are planting out in hot weather conditions. In hot conditions, you would water in the mulch giving the container a good soaking. Watering twice a week until you see the garlic erupting through the mulch. About several months of growing you will see a flower forming from the centre of the garlic plant. I usually snip these off, giving the garlic plant more development into the bulb unground. Seven months later you will have the best garlic you have ever tasted, just remember to keep some of your newly acquired garlic for replanting next time around.
It’s important to age your garlic. Hang it up in a dry cool place for about a month, (not too hot). Garlic is better to use when it’s aged for a while. The reasons for this are that most fresh garlic has oil that can sometimes upset some individual’s stomachs. I can personally eat them after plucking them from the ground, "no problem"
I personally suffer from high blood pressure and this is the main reason for writing this Blog. I grow my garlic for this reason. I consume at least one to two garlic cloves a day. Before I started this regime of eating two garlic cloves a day, my blood pressure was very ordinary to say the least. I have been consuming it now for about seven months and my blood pressure is 79/119. That’s a very good blood pressure for a guy of 55 years of age. I do take four fish oil capsules a day and have for years, but my blood pressure only came down after starting the garlic eating regime.
So grow the “REAL” garlic, use the green leaves in cooking while they grow, the health benefits are huge.
Hope you find this information as useful as it was for me.
HAPY GARLIC GROWING and stay healthy!
Cheers from Glenn, Brisbane Australia.

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I Fixed My Blood Pressure By Growing Garlic?

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Jan 09, 2013
garlic growing in containers NEW
by: Anonymous

Very nice blog.This season I will try to grow garlic myself.Thank you.

Sugar land TX,USA

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