I've Finally Taken The Leap...

by Miss Riya
(Chalmette, Louisiana, USA)

I have a wonderful friend who is a true pioneer. She makes her own soap, bread, clothes, etc. Her next adventure will be purchasing a dairy cow and teaching herself how to make cheese. Anyhow, she has been urging me to try container gardening since my home is not located on an acre between two orange orchards, as hers is.

One day I was walking through Home Depot and lusting after all of the fruit trees and I happned to notice these big blue buckets that were on sale for $5 each. So here I am 2 months later on the net looking for advice on how to deal with an out of controll grapevine, that I was told wouldn't grow in southern Louisiana.

The pineapple plant is the only thing that wasn't planted with the others. The story of this plant is one of the reasons I even dared to try this whole gardening thing. If you want to know more about that you can find the story on my blog www.tofuandcornbread.blogspot.com

When you arrive there will be a little search box at the top left. Simply type, "Tale of the Stow Away Pineapple" (minus the quotes of course).

~Miss Riya

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