Just starting

by Bill Hayes
(Manchester UK)

This was originally covered with gravel

This was originally covered with gravel

This was originally covered with gravel
Originally other usable area
Space down the edge of the fence
The start of a new project area Chickens

So I'm here and like with many others I have decided to make use of my under used back garden. I started on this just over a year ago so the pictures are just to provide a basic starting background. Since these pictures where taken I have made many changes and I am sure that for next year there will be many more LOL

My space is not ideally situated so It's all going to be a learning curve.

Anyway first set of pics to show where it began.

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Dec 16, 2012
New Allotment NEW
by: Bill

Well I received an email from the council last week and have arranged to go and visit our local allotment tomorrow ( 17.12.12 )with the intention of signing up. The good thing about getting the plot now is everything has stopped growing and it gives me a blank sheet to work from. Watching Ricks videos on his allotment I have picked up a number of tips and seen the problems Rick has had which I can keep in mind when I start on my plot I look forwards to seeing how things go with Ricks allotment next year and you never know I may film my progression and post them on Youtube. Anyway I hope everyone has a great Xmas and New year take care and don't drink and drive.

Sep 10, 2012
Fingers Crossed NEW
by: Bill

Just read an email from my local council. It appears that they have a vacant plot that has become available they are just waiting for the keys to be returned. Well as you can imagine everything is crossed here.

Regards Bill

Aug 31, 2012
Working the land NEW
by: Bill

Ok I've spent most of the day pulling out the stunted veg due in part to the bad weather, Slugs caterpillars, shade to half the garden even though the sun tracks across the garden but houses fences and idiots planting trees with no consideration for others grrrrrrr but mostly due to poor fertility. As it's been covered in gravel for 15 years its lost it's fertility so it looks like I'll have to invest in lots of bags of compost and work in lots of chicken poo.

As we are on top of the old Bradford Pit area we also have lots of coal and tones of clay soil so I've been working sand into the soil in order to help break down the clay a little.

One good point a smaller plot that has Parsnips in seems to be doing well fingers crossed the parsnips will be of a good quality size.

I hope people are finding the posts interesting?

Anyway back to work.

Cheers Bill

Aug 31, 2012
interesting experiment NEW
by: Lyle

I grew up in semi-rural, ... my parents built next to moms parents ( granny) who had a small coop.
They kept it pretty clean.
Occasional odors, ... but mostly windborne whisps rather than pervasive.
Tou can most certainly taste freshness and their diet in the eggs they lay.
I'm on the outsjirts of Vancouver where it has become a City Council contentious by-law issue.
I'm just watching, ... see what develops.
Personally it will be a few years before I can think about having my own coop.
Fresh home grown eating stock are good too.
Only 3 stars, ... means I'm in nuetral about it myself, ... for those interested it's a great idea but like anything else, ... if you are willing to put in time and effort it is worth it.
It isn't something that doesn't take daily effort to maintain.
Enjoy, ... I'll be interested in reading more.
Who knows, ... think about one myself.

Aug 30, 2012
Thanks for your message NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks.

I have made a number of changes since the pictures where taken and will get them up as soon as I get a moment.

As for the chickens / smell I can assure you that as long as you keep on top of the cleaning there is very little smell our neighbors have not complained LOL I have made big changes to the chicken area too since these pictures where taken making it easier to keep it all clean I'll get some pictures up ASAP.

One thing I hear a lot is that people can't keep chickens due to council rules etc there is a large chicken community and all have had no issues. You cannot however have a cockerel in an urban garden for obvious reasons.

Regards Bill

Aug 30, 2012
Chickens NEW
by: Jason

Thanks for posting. I like the chicken idea but i believe chickens can be very smelly little critters!

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