Keep slugs away from new shoots in planters

by Leslie Clarke
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

Sprinkle used coffee grounds on the soil around new shoots. The grounds are sharp and the slugs won't pass over them.

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Mar 09, 2015
Planting and growing again after ByPass Surgery!
by: Anonymous

Well it’s been a while since I have been able to get around and get my fingers into some lovely smelling dirt. It just seems to make me feel calm and relaxed when I smell that rich compost soil. I read the other day that there is a reason for this, and some of you may know about this phenomena as well?
I have been out of commission for around 12 months now and after having open heart surgery, a Quadruple Bypass to boot, I am now ready and anxious to get my fingers back in the dirt and grow some serious food.
Over here in Australia, we have had some horrible weather this year with multiple cyclones, very hot days where it wethers away most young growing seedlings and major humidity that creates moulds and funguses that finish off the most hardy of plants.
So what do we do in situations like this?
Give-up and read a book? I know some that would do just that. I have put some time and effort into finding out what I can do to establish an environment that my plants will grow in all types of weather conditions.
Would anyone else like to share what they have achieved in order to grow their favourite plants or vegetables in hostile weather conditions? I certainly would love hearing about it and learn some more in this area.
Cheers for now, and happy growing.
Glenn Roberts. (Aussie, Aussie Aussie)

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