My 106 Degree Garden

by Moon
(USA Nevada)

My 106 degree picture

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Sep 05, 2011
by: Anonymous
by: Moon

Greetings Anonymous

Sorry I was away for bit.

Thank you, the sun has taken a toll on my garden only the Roma tomatoes are the only ones left.

Yes I have eaten zucchini, string beans and Roma tomatoes. But my melons, cantaloupe, corn, green Chile peppers and spices never made it and the item left and still doing excellent is the Roma.

I’m hoping for a fall garden now that the high temperatures are subsiding
I will fertilize mine regularly also see if that helps mine thrive

Thank you for posting

Aug 25, 2011
Comment on moons pic
by: Anonymous

Hi moon
I think your garden is looking quiet healthy.
Have you harvested anything yet. I have been harvesting green beans from my 6 bean plants, I have about 600grm of beans in my fridge now.
My tomatoes are looking great too. I find that i have to fertilize regularly to keep everything healthy. Will post some updated pics soon.

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