My Balcony Garden

by Choon Ai

Our Balcony Garden

Our Balcony Garden

Hi Rick,
I just started watching your videos last night and I got hooked and watched all your gardening videos all night and this morning. I'm interested in experimenting with hydroponics which is how I came across your first gardening video. We now live in a condo, after a whole life of living in houses with large gardens. My mom is an avid gardener and still tries to plant trees in the small space that we have. I only have Basil and Mustard seeds so that's all I've planted. I had minute success with coriander which caused me to over plant my Basil and Mustard incase they didn't sprout much. But they all sprouted, so it's all so over populated, but now I'm growing some new sprouts which I'll plant properly.

Perhaps next year you can consider doing a more compressed garden, I'm really facinated with this hydroponics layout, he also does one for a vertical system. It seems to yield a lot of veggies for such a small space. Here's the link

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My Balcony Garden

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Nov 24, 2010
RE: My Balcony Garden
by: Rick from CGFF

Hi Choon Ai,
Glad you enjoyed watching the videos, and thanks for the great feedback and comments. I hope to be working on more compact designs next year, mainly because I no longer have the climbing frame I used last year, so it'll be exciting to see what next year's growing season will bring.

Enjoy your gardening

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