Okey Dokey, ... Watering !

by Lyle
(BC, Canada)

No biggee, ... simple stuff.
Stop by a pet fish store pisk up plastic hose & fittings normally used for air supply, ... they work for water.
Hang up a single ( or more ) overhead pulley that you can lift and drop a watering container.
Set up the hoses to drip.
It doesn't get rid of the need to give them a good heavier watering from time to time, ... but it works very well for inside house plants. Ends carting around little pitchers and having to keep on running to the tap to fill it up again,
Plants are a lot like fish, ... matter of fact they thrive on water from fish tanks.
Main reason ( beyond fertilizer), ... no chlorine.
When you fill & hang the water tank, ... let it sit overnight and the worst of the chlorine vaporizes off, ... no additives are needed but if you give them a chance they'll probably try to sell you some.
Completely not needed, ... even for fish tanks let water sit open to the air overnight before putting them in, ...
Good luck, ... looking for a bountiful harvest for myself.
Haven't planted seeds since I wuz a kid, ... big garden.
Planning on organizing it for next year, ...
Got lots of questions myself, ... done some really small container vegetable gardens, ... can't beat the taste !!!

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