Solar Storms of 2012 May
Not Be Such A Big Threat
(Re: Embedded 2012 Video)

by Mark

Predicted Solar Storms of 1012 - 2014

Predicted Solar Storms of 1012 - 2014

Hi Rick,

I checked the NASA site to see if they had anything about solar storms in 2012.

They actually said that they expect the solar maximum to be 2012-14.

But they also said that a few years ago we had a solar storm bigger than anything on record and it did nothing.

They went on to predict that the next one should also do nothing.

If I loose true movies 2 for a month, I'll get by :-)


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Not Be Such A Big Threat
(Re: Embedded 2012 Video)

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Mar 21, 2010
disasters and such
by: Esmeralda

Rick- Although I'm not familliar enough with the history of solar storms to make any kind of educated comment on it, I can say that we ARE potentially facing some catastrophic climate change here in the next few hundred years. I know that sounds like a long time, but if Dr. Peter D Ward and his ilk have it right, the largest mass exticntion in all of the history of the world (about 3x as bad as the KT impact- dino-meteor) was casued by catastrophic climate change as a result of gradual carbon dioxide and methane release from volcanoes and peat bogs that reached a disastrous tipping point and pretty much killed everything on land.
If we're headed (as he, Mark Lynas, and other respected minds propose) then at least for the immediate future, we most absolutely are headed for a food crisis. Though in the long run it would mean our species is doomed- it would also mean that for the short term- knowing how to produce our own food could be ESSENTIAL. If we are creative enough it could just save our species.
I'm in complete agreement that it is both fun AND highly practical.

Boy, I made myself sound like a kook, didn't I?

Feb 22, 2010
Solar storms
by: Rick

Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. It's interesting that NASA have changed their tone and are now playing-down the potential effects of a solar storm. When I did my own research about a year ago, all I could find on the NASA website were articles predicting "unknown" but potentially damaging effects.

I do hope they are right with these updated predictions - The internet is my livelihood!

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