sweet and plentiful: Deers are eating my garden!!!

by maureen
(Fairfax, Ca.)

I invested over $400.00 on gardening supplies, plants, dirt etc 2 years ago and watched all of my hard work disappear within 2 months. I tried to put light fencing (netting etc) around and over the plants but somehow they found a way to infiltrate the plots. The fact that I had so much fencing around each plant seemed to inhibit me from wanting to just enjoy my garden. It was always a hassle with the stability of the fencing that I made. I have a wonderful area for a large garden, enough to feed my neighborhood and teach kids to grow as well. I have learned from locals that deer repellent, coyote urine, and other odd repellents do not work. Please help me. I want to garden again. Thank you--Maureen Rose, Marin county, Calif. mo_rose50@hotmail.com

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Apr 28, 2014
Deer, oh dear NEW
by: Kelly

I have had to accept the idea that I cannot compete with the deer population in our area. Soooo, fortunately, I have a deck that is about 8 ft off the ground on the back of my house. I am learning all about container gardening (though I am used to tilling the earth and planting away). This is my 2nd year planting lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, and herbs. My newest quests are beets, chard, and kale. I am finding it a totally different approach but still just as rewarding AND the pesky deer can just keep on trucking through my yard!

Apr 26, 2014
Irish Spring!
by: Jean

Last year I cut bars of irish spring soap in half and drilled a hole in the middle. I tied garden twine to the soap and hung it about 3 feet frome the ground in and arround the garden....I also planted lots of hot peppers in pots and surrounded the garden....double whammie! It either worked or the deer had other resources for food. I am doing it again this year....worth a try and cheap!

Mar 27, 2014
Deers eating my garden?
by: Glenn Roberts

Hi Maureen,
If you have deer, goats, bandicoots, even chooks, you will need to grow your produce in a controlled environment in my humble opinion. I grow my produce in hothouses but not real big ones as bigger is not always best. The size I look for are around 15ft x6x6 (1.5m x1.8m x1.8m) To keep out goats and deer you will need some sought of a battery charged shock-deterrent set-up around the hothouse as they can be very destructive trying to gain access to eat your produce. I usually drive four star-pickets deep into the ground when assembling the frame of the hothouse, before putting the outer plastic/shade material on. This will stabilise and ground your hothouse from animals, winds and bad storms once tied off well to the star-pickets. When I look for a hothouse to buy, the frame is a large piped frame, powder coated and easy to assemble, with a large access door, included are insect screens and air flow windows which will need to be left opened for air-flow. You will find them in your local big hardware or garden centres. You will enjoy growing your food and plants with bountiful harvests. Hope this has been helpful? Cheers!

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