Swiss Ladybird

by Pam Kaeser
(Olten, Switzerland)

Hi there! I have been living in Switzerland for nearly fifty years, 35 of them in a 90-year old end-of-terrace house in the small town of Olten. I (sadly my husband died two years ago) have a small garden (by English standards!) which we didn't do much about when the children were small. I have been building up a perrenial flower garden for the better part of twenty years but it just looks after itself now with a bit of tender loving care in Spring. There are some huge trees on the southern edge of thE garden (probably as old as the house) and they have massive roots which just hoover up any moisture and nutrients there are. The roots also make digging a big problem as they seem to be everywhere. Anyway, I don't want to dig up my flower garden to make room for veg so I am going to try growing things in containers. I started a couple of years ago with tomatoes and some salads in old window boxes but I have really caught the bug now, especially after finding Rick's website!!!

I got a bit carried away and sowed some radishes and salads at the beginning of March, but they are coming along nicely now it is getting warmer.

Using the biodynamic/lunar calendar I planted some potatoes in a potato bag at the beginning of this week and am sowing some rocket this afternoon and have prepared a big pot for runner beans to be sown on a fruit day next week. They will be growing (at least I hope so) up a narrow trellis on the east wall of the house. I have had Morning Glory on the trellis the past few years but I am sure the scarlet runner beans will look lovely as well! I'll keep you posted as the year progresses.....

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