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The Calm Before The Storm

by Rick

Newly Built Garden Structures Waiting For Plants

Newly Built Garden Structures Waiting For Plants

Its February 19th. I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the gardening season to begin. It snowed again last night. This cold weather is really starting to annoy me! Waiting for it to pass seems like such an unnecessary waste of time.

Right now there's not much more I can do.

The climbing frames are built, the Square foot garden and raised beds are in place and have been filled with Mel’s mix soil.

The climbing nets are in place, the stack of patio pots have been emptied of old soil and are waiting to be planted up.

The peppers, chillies and broad bean seeds have all been planted in propagators.

The water butts have been cleaned out and are slowly filling with rainwater and snow-melt.

The compost bin is installed and all the kitchen scraps are being added each day.

I have all the soil, vermiculite and compost I could ever need on stand-by.

All the seeds have been ordered (I'm going mainly for Heirlooms this year).

It's just too early to do much else. All I can do is sit here and wait. I'll have a bit of excitement in early march when I get to plant my tomato seeds, but then the waiting starts again for a while before I can get stuck in to planting more seeds - then the craziness begins.

Uhhh! Roll-on the spring!

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