Hello Rick,
Great video series and web site.
You have inspired me to try square foot gardening for the next growing season. I have built a unit, the metric equivalent of 52 square feet on a small piece of my garden thats tucked away between my shed and greenhouse, It´s a great location for it as its well sheltered and a proper little sun trap.

I have a question that I hope you can help me with. The Vermiculite that you use is something that I am having trouble finding, or even finding a translation for (I live in Germany now) Can you try to explain what it is and its use in the building trade, so that I have a better chance of tracking some down.

I´m pleased to see that you have had quite a successful season with the Hydroponics. I have my greenhouse set up as an Aquaponics unit. It is the best thing ever; NOT HAVING TO WATER 2-3 times a day and above all NO CHEMICALS or FERTILIZERS. Plus the fish love it especially during the winter months while the other fish are freezing outside in the pond.
P.S. This will be also my first time at veg gardening.


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Oct 16, 2010
RE: Vermiculite
by: Rick from CGFF

Hi Dave,
I'm so glad you have decided to have a go at square foot gardening next year - it's a fabulous way to grow things, although I did have trouble growing onions in my SFG this year. It might have just been the variety I was growing, but the same onions did fabulously well in grow-bags so I suspect it may have something to do with the soil on the SFG not being firm enough for onions.

The plot you have built sounds fab! Looking forward to seeing some photos :o)

I think vermiculite is used in the building trade for making insulating concrete. it's mixed into a concrete mix which gives it thermal insulation properties as well as making it lighter.
It's a bit like little flakes of white cardboard but has a polystyrene lightness and feel.
I am not aware of any other name that it goes by. I found mine in Keyline builders in 100 litre bags for about £13GBP.

Your Aquaponics unit sounds interesting, I'll have to look into what Aquaponics is all about.

Good luck with your veg growing endeavours next year and be sure to send us a photo or two when you get some results :o)

Best regards

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