by Glenn Roberts

We are surely losing our rights to perform any single task in our free time. Gardening has and always will be one of the most enjoyable tasks one can take part in for a great out door past time. It gives joy and satisfaction to millions of people around the world. If you follow the history behind some of the best types of plants, vegetables, trees, grasses and just about anything that’s grown in the ground, you will find its been the avid gardener that has assured the purity of the plant world for many generations.

History has shown us that our food sources has vastly changed and been altered, and now has fewer vitamins and nutrients that we need to supply a healthy body. If we lose our way from being over governed, and laws set down to make the masses comply with a particular monopoly just to make more dollars, what happens to our history, and more importantly, our health as a race.

The threat of a single law outlawing the masses from growing your own vegetables, flowers and plants is as bad as Hitler burning all the books in the Second World War as he wanted to wipe out history and knowledge. Is this not a similar threat we all share?
History is what makes us better, and as we all share in our challengers every day whatever path we follow, makes us wiser and better the next time around.
If we stand firm like a beautiful "Giant Sequoia" that has survived the ages without hybridisation, genetically altering its DNA, we might also survive as a race.

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Apr 01, 2012
The tip of the Iceberg
by: Rick from CGFF

Some great comments and observations.
What we have here is just the tip of a very large iceberg. My own observations and research over the past few years have led me to an understanding that there are very focused and concerted efforts taking place, mostly hidden away from the consciousness of the wider masses, and orchestrated by just a relatively small number of people, to gain total control over almost every facet of our lives, including the food we eat.

A lot of it is happening in the form of corporate fascism. US Congress bill HR875 is a good example of how corporations are stealthily muscling their way into the corridors of power in the USA, and there are plenty more examples if you look.

These types of suggestions are quickly dismissed in the media as 'conspiracy theories' and are promptly spun into oblivion before they have a chance to gain momentum, but then when you realise that the people behind this grab for power also happen to own the global media, it's hardly surprising, and when you do actually start digging a little deeper and scratching beneath the surface, you'll quickly find much of it fails to justify or warrant the word "theory".

If you are in Australia, I would suggest having a look on YouTube for a channel called
"aodscarecrow", it's run by a guy called Max Igan and he explains quite articulately how Australia is about to be ruined forever by corporate fascism.

Mar 31, 2012
Good point
by: Rosa Qld Australia

Yes we just keep playing with nature where is not necessary. Seedless watermelons for one and many other vegetable are modified, they say it is so we can grow crops that are resistant to diseases but at what cost the nutricinal value and taste, it may not be a lot but still the change is noticable and what other side effects are there that have not been exposed yet. I try to plant from old original seeds but it is getting difficult to find them.

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