Tips to Help Grow Successful Container Gardens

Tips to Help Grow Successful Container Gardens

Gone are the days when gardening was an exclusive hobby for people with large outdoor space. If you don’t have a backyard, you can grow nearly all veggies, herbs, and flowers in containers, as long as you provide for their basic needs and devote the same passion and care for your plants. … Read more

Proper Drainage Is Important for Container Gardening

Proper Drainage Is Important for Container Gardening

Are drainage holes important in container gardening? That’s perhaps one of the questions that boggle your minds, especially if you’re starting out in this hobby. Whatever plants you’re growing, be mindful that proper drainage is crucial to their health. Otherwise, you’d be facing unhealthy and dying plants as standing water can cause … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Moisturized While Working Outside


No matter, if your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both; a moisturizer is and should be a must-have product in your skincare routine. Apart from providing hydration, it has tons of other healthy benefits to offer you (that we will discuss later). In fact, it is also said that … Read more

Tips For Growing Carrots in Your Container Garden

Organic Carrots

The common misconception is that you need a big garden to grow your own carrots, but container gardening shows that you can grow your favorite vegetables right there on your balcony if you wish to. Carrots are an easy vegetable to grow if you have a sizeable planter. 30 to 40 carrots … Read more

Tips for Successfully Planting Seed Potatoes


Freshly dug potatoes are a wonderful treat for the home gardener. However, it would help if you first sowed seed potatoes before harvesting potatoes. Growing seed potatoes is simple and inexpensive, but there are a few things you should know about seed potato planting to ensure success. Choosing Seed Potatoes There are only … Read more

Tips About Container Gardening for Absolute Beginners

Container garden

Have you always been a fan of gardening but don’t have enough space to put your plants? It may be a bit of a disappointment, but thankfully, gardening is already possible even without a spacious yard. Interestingly, you can pursue gardening even in a small space. This technique is called container gardening … Read more

Tips for Success With Container Gardening

Tips for Success With Container Gardening

While container gardening seems easy to look at, it actually entails a lot of challenges. You may quickly sow a plant in a container, but the real task is ensuring that it thrives. Unlike in an in-ground garden, confining a plant in a tiny space limits its roots’ capability to wander and … Read more